Speak Japanese with Confidence

Speak Japanese with confidence is a three-CD audio course designed to get you speaking in Japanese whether you are a beginner or have learned some Japanese before and want to build up your confidence to speak.

I have designed the course so that with only relatively small amounts of vocabulary and grammar structures you can say what you need to say in a number of everyday situations including meeting and greeting, shopping and eating, traveling and sightseeing.

Tittle: Speak Japanese with Confidence
Author: Helen Gilhooly
ISBN-13: 978-0071664639
ISBN-10: 0071664637

I found this audio course fairly easy to follow and is suitable for a complete beginner. It focuses on phrases rather than grammar. Although shorter than the audio materials I've received as part of college courses, it is more well produced. The three audio CDs are accompanied by printed notes which cover the material in each section. The only criticism I can offer in this regard is that the bumper music which is used to separate the sections is a bit loud and sometimes begins a little abruptly for my tastes.

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Audio Course
Format: MP3 (CD 1, 2, 3 compressed in rar archive)
Size: 212 MB
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Format: PDF (true)
Size: 240 KB
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