How to Download

Our download link is using safelink service. Make sure to follow this instruction to download your file.

Important! Before downloading any files, please disable your adblock plugin like: AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, uBlock Origin etc.

Click on any download link, then a new tab will open.
Solve the captcha, then click "Submit"

Click link download to get download link.

Make sure URL is correct before downloading files.
For file hosted at Google Drive, you can copy the file to your account (downloading later) by click the plus button, see picture below.

Remember you have to disable ad block plugin before downloading file.
Ignore any unwanted ads pop-up windows. That is just for our revenue.

Please leave comment if you still have a question or want to report broken links. deleted file, etc. This ads is for maintaining site only. All files are free to download, you don't have to pay anything.

You can also subscribe to our web push notification. I promise the push notification will never bothering you.

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